Bethlehem Service Center

Pot hole? Grass, weeds, or garbage out of control? Graffiti at the playground? If you have a question or would like to report a non-emergency issue, please contact the Bethlehem Service Center.

The Bethlehem Service Center is staffed 24/7 and responsible for routing citizen service requests to the correct city department for resolution. Requests that fall outside the City’s purview will be reported to the appropriate agencies.

There are 4 ways to contact the Bethlehem Service Center:
  1. Call 610-865-7000.
  2. Email bethlehemservicecenter@bethlehem-pa.gov.
  3. The Bethlehem Service Center app is available for download on Google Play or the Apple Store.
  4. Sign up on the City of Bethlehem “My Account” portal. A “My Account” login will also allow you to track your request as well as pay bills and other City services.